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Adviser Rankings Guides

Historic Issues

Take a look at our Historic Issues

ARL publish the widely acclaimed Corporate Advisers Rankings Guide and the AIM Advisers Rankings Guide.

Both Guides expose the changing client rankings and fortunes of Corporate Advisers throughout the year.

So take a fascinating look-back over the years, and view how Advisers and their client numbers were ranked since 2005.

Corporate Advisers Rankings Guide (CARG)

CARG has been published every quarter since November 2005 and ranks Auditors, Brokers, Financial Advisers, Financial PR’s, Law Firms and Registrars by their number of clients in the FTSE 100, FTSE 250, FTSE Small Cap/Fledgling, AIM and total Quoted clients.

AIM Advisers Ranking Guide

The AIM Rankings Guide has been published each quarter since 2007 and ranks Auditors, Brokers, Financial PR’s, Law Firms, Nomads and Registrars by their total number of AIM, FTSE AIM 100 and FTSE AIM UK 50 clients.

AIM client rankings for the seven main FTSE industry sectors are also included; Basic Materials, Consumer Discretionary & Consumer Staples, Energy, Financials & Real Estate, Health Care, Industrials and Technology.

Purchase any historic PDF copy of the CARG or AIM Rankings Guide for just £75, by selecting the year and the issue below.

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