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Adviser Intelligence

Adviser Historic Client Search IconHistoric Adviser Client Search

Find all Corporate Advisers and their Quoted client changes since January 2017.

Our historic searches display the dates an Adviser - Auditor, Broker, Financial Adviser, Financial PR, Law Firm or Registrar, won or lost retained UK Quoted clients.

Data is exported to Excel, where subscribers can view all client wins/losses by both FTSE Index and FTSE Sector. Advisers that are adding or losing market share are quickly revealed.

Client additions or deletions that are the result of listings and delistings can be filtered out of the results if required.

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  • Select any of the six Adviser types
  • All FTSE SmallCap/Fledgling companies are selected for your free trial
  • Your 'Search' will display all Advisers with their won and lost FTSE SmallCap/Fledgling clients in the date range selected
  • You can now search for the results and download to Excel
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Historic Adviser Client Rankings IconHistoric Adviser Client Rankings

Instantly benchmark all Advisers and their Quoted client rankings since 2013

On one page is displayed all Adviser client rankings for any quarter since 2013, for the following Indices: FTSE 100, FTSE 250, FTSE SmallCap/Fledgling, AIM, FTSE AIM 100, FTSE AIM UK 50, and by total number of clients.

Historic Adviser Client Rankings screenshot in monitor

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  • Select any of the six Adviser types, together with a year and quarter
  • Select 'Search' to find all Advisers ranked by number of FTSE SmallCap/Fledgling companies
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Adviser Historic Client Graphs IconHistoric Adviser Client Graphs

Track the fortunes of Advisers since 2013, by using our Adviser Historic Client Graphs.

In compelling graphics, our graphs track the total number of clients that each Adviser has over time, and also by their number of FTSE 100, FTSE 250, FTSE SmallCap/Fledgling, and AIM clients.

View these graphs for Auditors, Brokers, Financial Advisers, Financial PR's, and Law Firms. Up to five Corporate Advisers can be compared at one time.

Start your trial to the Adviser Historic Client Graphs below

  • Select up to four Advisers from the dropdown
  • Select the time period and view the client graphs
  • Adviser Historic Client Graphs can be filtered by any FTSE Index once the 'Search' has been selected
  • To start a subscription for all Adviser graphs, or for further information, please see this page