ARL displays data on all Corporate Advisers and their Quoted Clients.

We rank Auditors, Financial Advisers Financial PR Advisers, Law Firms, Registrars and Stockbrokers by:

  • Their number of quoted clients
  • The size of their clients
  • The number of clients in the main FTSE Indices and FTSE Sectors

These rankings are regularly reported in the financial press and appear in our well-established Corporate Advisers Rankings Guide and AIM Advisers Rankings Guides which are published each quarter.

Corporate Advisers and their current Quoted Clients are also available as Excel downloads from our Adviser Intelligence offering.


If you have any client additions or deletions, please fill in the Client Update Form. For any new clients, please provide a contact name and email address for verification of the relationship. Companies must consider your firm to be their primary retained corporate adviser, in either a sole or joint capacity. We do not list advisers undertaking work on an ad hoc basis.


A full list of qualifying companies can be seen here. These include:

  1. UK, Isle of Man and Channel Island companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange 
  2. Most International Companies trading on the LSE with Ordinary Shares or equivalent 
  3. All AIM registered companies
  4. Specialist Fund Segment (SFS)

Deadlines for the quarterly Rankings Guides below:

AIM Advisers Rankings Guide

January 2020 edition - 13 December 2019
April 2020 edition - 13 March 2020
July 2020 edition - 17 June 2020
October 2020 edition - 16 September 2020

Corporate Advisers Rankings Guide

November 2019 edition - 11 October 2019
February 2020 edition - 10 January 2020
May 2020 edition - 10 April 2020
August 2020 edition - 13 July 2020