ARL is focused on every aspect relating to the relationship between Corporate Advisers and their UK Quoted clients. From our extensive and meticulously collated database we compile the widely acclaimed Corporate Advisers Rankings Guide (CARG), and the AIM Advisers Rankings Guide. As part of our new Adviser Intelligence platform, we offer unrivalled real-time and historic data. And of course, the ARL website also keeps users updated with all the latest Adviser client changes. Find over 1,000 Corporate Advisers and their Quoted clients – Auditors, Financial Advisers, Financial PR’s, Registrars and Stockbrokers are all there, as are all UK quoted companies and their Corporate Advisers.


This is a subscription-based service offering immediate access to the following:

  • Real-time Adviser Client Rankings, filtered by FTSE Indices and Sectors.
  • Real-time data on all Corporate Advisers and their clients. Filtered by FTSE Index and FTSE Sectors and exported to Excel.
  • Historic data, displaying every Quoted client that has been won or lost for all Advisers since January 2017.
  • We also offer historic client flowcharts for all Corporate Advisers.


ARL publish two Rankings Guides each quarter. Both guides feature independent editorial coverage and display the changing fortunes of Advisers throughout the year. Both Guides receive national and regional press coverage and are referenced on Adviser websites throughout the UK and overseas.


CARG ranks Advisers according to their client numbers by AIM, FTSE Small Cap, FTSE 250, FTSE 100 and their total number of Quoted clients. It also shows rankings according to the eight main FTSE industry sectors. So, if an Advisers strength is in advising AIM or larger companies, or for example those in the Energy sector, our Guide will expose all. Use our impartial and independent rankings to advertise the strengths of your business.


The AIM Guide ranks all Advisers by their total number of AIM, FTSE AIM 100 and FTSE AIM UK 50 clients, as well as the eight main industry sectors; Basic Materials, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Energy, Financials & Real Estate, Health Care, Industrials and Technology.

Please contact arl@adviser-rankings.com or call 07910 818810 for further information on any of our services.