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ARL displays the relationship between all 1,950 LSE quoted companies and their retained Corporate Advisers. These companies are UK and overseas companies with ordinary shares, or equivalent, listed on the London Stock Exchange.

We publish two quarterly Rankings Guides which contain the much publicised rankings tables for Auditors, Financial Advisers, Financial PR Advisers, Law Firms, Registrars and Brokers. These league tables are based upon their number of quoted clients and their client market capitalisation for the main FTSE indices. Advisers are also ranked according to their number of clients in the eight main FTSE sectors. All published rankings and statistics are compiled by Adviser Rankings Ltd using our proprietary database.

Quoted client information relating to institutional advisers is updated using primary sources. Company news releases to the London Stock Exchange are constantly monitored, along with statutory reports and press coverage. To further establish the correct relationships, all advisers are sent a quarterly request to update their client list. Any additions received have to be validated by the company. This methodology is consistently applied and ensures that the quoted companies themselves ultimately determine which advisers are linked to their record. No relationship is listed unless it has been approved by both the client and the adviser.

For ranking scores in relation to the tables, a single point is awarded to reflect a confirmed client relationship, regardless of whether it is a sole or joint appointment. Please note that a “(J)” after an advisers name denotes a joint appointment with another adviser.

FTSE INDICES – used in our rankings

FTSE 100 – The index is comprised of the largest 100 stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange in terms of market capitalisation and represents approximately 81% of the total market by definition.

FTSE 250 – This index is comprised of the next 250 stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange in terms of market capitalisation. This currently represents approximately 15% of UK market capitalisation.

FTSE SMALL CAP – This is comprised of companies with a market capitalisation below the FTSE 250, but above a fixed limit. This currently represents approximately 2% of UK market capitalisation.

FTSE FLEDGLING – This index consists of all UK companies which qualify for inclusion in UK Index Series but are too small to be included in the FTSE All-Share Index.

AIM – This was established in 1995 to cater for new and growing businesses seeking the benefits of a public quotation with a flexible regulatory approach.

SECTORS – The ARL Rankings Guides and our Adviser Intelligence service display rankings that relate to the eight main FTSE industry sectors: Basic Materials, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Energy, Financials, Health Care, Industrials and Technology.

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