Real-time Adviser Rankings - How does your company measure up?

Adviser Intelligence is the single destination for unique real-time and historic data on Adviser and Quoted Company relationships. Receive immediate access to a range of services that are used by City Analysts and professional services users. These offerings include real-time data for all Corporate Advisers and their clients, instant client rankings for Advisers by FTSE Index and Sector, historic data and client graphs and how FTSE Index changes have affected the rankings.

Real-time data on Corporate Advisers and their clients

Subscribers can download to Excel any chosen Adviser type and their clients – Auditor, Financial Adviser, Financial PR, Law Firm, Registrar or Stockbroker. Their clients are displayed with their FTSE Index, FTSE Industry Sectors and ISIN. 

Adviser Historic Search

This new service delivers historic searches that show exactly when an Adviser added or lost a client. Data is exported straight to Excel, and subscribers can view all client wins/losses since January 2017, by both FTSE Index and FTSE Sector.

Real-time Adviser Rankings

Instantly benchmark your company’s client rankings. Subscribers can view real-time Adviser client Rankings. These rankings give instant top 20 rankings by total number of clients, FTSE 100, FTSE 250, FTSE SmallCap/Fledgling, AIM, AIM 100 and AIM UK 50. They also provide rankings by the eight main FTSE Sectors, and in any combination with FTSE Indices. 

FTSE Index Changes

View how Advisers clients have been affected by FTSE Index changes. Instant results with immediate access to Excel download.

Historic Client Graphs

In graph format, client count can be plotted at quarterly intervals since February 2010 for up to five Corporate Advisers. Visual comparisons for any top 25 Auditor, Financial Adviser/NOMAD, Financial PR, Law Firm, Registrar and Stockbroker provide a compelling graphic following the fortunes of Advisers.